31 Ways to Explore Inland NW Lakes

With hundreds of lakes throughout eastern Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana, and southern British Columbia, a destination for lake-based recreation is never too far away.

From boating, paddling, and adventurous watersports to serene recreation, family activities, and ways to chill and relax, OTO writers share their ideas.

Here are 31 ways to enjoy, explore, & find summer fun at Inland Northwest lakes.

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  1. Do yoga on a paddleboard
  2. Go bikepack fishing
  3. Ride the Columbia Plateau Trail to a channeled scabland lake
  4. Open Water Lake Swimming
  5. Boat-in Happy Hour on Lake Coeur d’Alene at Harrison
  6. Meet the Pirate of Sandpoint’s City Beach & take a ride on a pirate ship
  7. Visit Priest Lake
  8. Wildlife Spotting
  9. Lake Kayaking with Kids
  10. Wing foiling
  11. Surfing at Lake Chelan
  12. Visit Lake Pend Oreille
  13. Boat-in camping *
  14. Hang out on a beach
  15. Explore local history *
  16. Take an e-bike tour of Lake Chelan **
  17. Paddleboard tour around Lake Chelan **
  18. Hike or bike for views **
  19. Paraglide above and over Lake Chelan **
  20. Take a wine-tasting tour **
  21. Go mountain biking on a lakeside trail *
  22. Hike along a lake shore *
  23. Paddle or hike to Upper Priest Lake *
  24. Go Fishing ^
  25. Find a Campsite ^
  26. Rent Lake Toys ^
  27. Go sailing and ride the wind ^
  28. Take a Cruise ^
  29. Hunt for Treasure ^
  30. Watch the Fireworks ^
  31. Play on an Island ^ & paddle to get there *

*5 Adventures on Priest Lake’s Western Shore

**5 Ways to Experience Lake Chelan

^ 8 Adventures on Lake Pend Oreille

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