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Olivia Dugenet and friends approaching a high mountain pass.

A Woman’s Place Is In The Wild

Personal essay by Olivia Dugenet about how women challenge stereotypes and social expectations when they adventure in the great outdoors.

Compact Toyota car and small tent at a campsite.

How To Create A Frugal Outdoor Lifestyle

Hiking guidebook writer James P. Johnson shares what inspired him to chose frugality and freedom to pursue an outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Sunset view at Lake Aloha with the author's tent in the foreground.

Solo Backpacking California’s High Sierra Wilderness

Solo backpacking means being self-sufficient, off the grid, and miles from civilization — an exhilarating as well as terrifying experience.

Polo players riding brown horses, wearing helmets, and carrying polo sticks.

Playing Polo in Spokane: Spring Clinics

The Spokane Polo Club, located only minutes from downtown Spokane, hosts a clinic every spring to recruit new members.

Bart Haggin in his ski gear, wearing a red jacket and black pants, on Mt. Spokane standing in front of snow-covered trees.

A Perfect Day on the Mountain

Bart Haggin, age 84, tells the story of his most memorable day of skiing, on Christmas Day 2015, at Mt. Spokane.

Ski kids racing through the snow.

Skiing Through New Goggles

Personal essay by Jon Jonckers about his childhood experiences skiing with a novice-level cousin and then observing his own daughter with her friend.

Mourning cloak butterfly. Photo: Crystal Gartner

The Butterfly Effect: Connection & Loss

Last Page Essay by Ellen Welcker: Part of what connects us to one another is the undeniable fact that everything we love, we will lose. Life, the seasons, this beautiful, perfect planet—even now they are slipping, ever so slightly from our hold.

View looking out a tent to the sandy beach, blue sky, ocean horizon, and friends.

Beach Oven & Seafood Bake – Olympic Peninsula

By Nicole Hardina When Chelsea suggested our group of friends go camping at Third Beach, outside of La Push, I was excited. The Olympic Peninsula is one …

Woman with a pink jacket smiling at the top of a mountain.

Strong IS Beautiful: Redefining Feminine

By Rebecca Ross Most women, at some point in their lives, get discouraged about their appearance because they may not possess the ideal body according …

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