Aaron Theisen's profile of them holding a pick-axe on a snowy mountainside.

Aaron Theisen

Aaron Theisen is a Spokane-based outdoors writer and photographer. In addition to his work for Out There Outdoors, Aaron is a regular contributor to numerous outdoors and lifestyle magazines including NW Travel, Adventures NW, Montana, Distinctly Montana, Montana Outdoors, Sandpoint, Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living and Washington Trails.

Amy Sibernagel McCaffree's profile of them smiling at the camera in their backyard/

Amy McCaffree

Amy Silbernagel McCaffree is "Out There Kids" columnist and digital editor. She grew up near Seattle and the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains, and has lived in Spokane since 2003. She enjoys camping, biking, hiking, swimming, paddling, and alpine skiing with her husband and their two children. She has a MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University, and has been writing for Out There since the January 2006 issue.

Siobhan Ebel

Siobhan enjoys rock climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and camping and relishes the opportunity to share her adventures with others.

Adam Gebauer

Adam Gebauer has a compulsion for outdoor activities and is an avid chaser of snow, rock, water and vistas. He does not mind waking up in the back of a car for an alpine start or just for his wildlife biology fieldwork.

Allison Armfield's black and white profile of them looking off into the distance.

Allison Armfield

Allison Armfield enjoys traveling and is always down for new adventures. Allison is an avid runner but also enjoys backpacking, climbing, yoga, snowshoeing and paddle boarding and believes that adventure pairs nicely with craft beer. She has a Masters in Communication and Leadership studies from Gonzaga University.

Ammi Midstokke's profile of them swigging out of a mug while on their computer.

Ammi Midstokke

Ammi Midstokke lives in Sandpoint, Idaho. When Ammi is not chasing her first love (trails), she is preaching her second (food) as a Nutritional Therapist. To find out more about saving the world with kale or the misadventures of a single mom, visit her website.

Brad Northrup's profile of them hiking up a mountain.

Brad Northrup

Brad Northrup is an avid skier, fly-fisherman, and mountain climber. A graduate of Eastern Washington University (BA, MA - History), Brad is the author of numerous outdoor and historical articles. He lives in Nine Mile Falls.

Bradley Bleck's profile of them smiling in their home.

Bradley Bleck

When not teaching English courses at Spokane Falls CC, Bradley is likely to be riding a bike (no matter the weather. That's why someone invented studded bike tires), snow skiing (in bounds or out, once in awhile on skinny skis), working around the house, hiking, kayaking, reading, writing, traveling, or hanging out with wife Rachel and son Tobias. Bradley's among the fourth generation of his family to call Spokane home.

Brad Naccarato's profile of them smiling on the beach with a beverage in their hand.

Brad Naccarato

Brad Naccarato is a Spokane-based freelance writer and a senior contributor to OTM since 2012. Chasing snow, waves, trout, sun, dogs, and microbrews keeps him sane.

Brad Thiessan's profile of them wearing sunglasses on winter hike.

Brad Thiessen

Brad is an avid runner with a special heart for trails and a deep respect for the people who manage them. He also skis Nordic at about an average pace. Ten years into Spokane life, he thinks it's an amazing place with a community of writers, musicians, and adventurers far out of proportion to its size, and that its passion for coffee and craft beer elevates it above most any place on earth.

Carol Corbin's profile of them smiling during winter.

Carol Corbin

Carol believes the hardest part of outdoor adventures is simply getting out the door. She enjoys Spokane outdoor adventures in all four seasons with her son and adventure buddy, Gavin. Mountain biking, scuba diving and hiking top her list of outdoor favorites, with recent adds of fat biking and bikepacking.

Crystal Atamian's profile of them smiling while kayaking.

Crystal Atamian

Crystal Atamian grew up in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. She enjoys hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, fishing, downhill skiing, disc golfing, birding, paddleboarding, and chasing butterflies. After spending summer 2016 in the Alps, she is convinced that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

Derrick Knowles profile of them on a forested hike.

Derrick Knowles

Derrick is the editor and co-publisher of Out There Outdoors. He has spent more than 30 years exploring the Inland Northwest’s trails, mountains, lakes and rivers.

Emily Erickson's profile of them overlooking a gorge.

Emily Erickson

Emily is a Sandpoint, Idaho-based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast. She spends her offline, non-writing time running trails, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and binge-reading adventure novels. To learn more about Emily, visit her website.

Harley McAllister's profile of them smiling with rafting gear.

Harley McAllister

Harley McAllister works as a project manager, but is most alive when he is outdoors, especially with his eight kids. He and his wife Abby write guide books to the National Parks directed at families with children. You can learn more at:

Holly Weiler's profile of them with a river in the background.

Holly Weiler

Holly Weiler is an avid trail runner, backpacker, and hiker who enjoys adding a little skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking as cross training activities. She is the Eastern Region Coordinator for Washington Trails Association.

Jessy Humann's black and white profile image of them smiling.

Jessy Humann

Jessy Humann grew up climbing and enjoys hiking, backpacking, paddle boarding, and camping. Aside from freelancing, Jessy loves to write poetry, some of which can be found on her website.

Jon Jonckers' profile image of him with a moss mustache.

Jon Jonckers

A quick search on the Out There Outdoors website brings up over 100 articles written by Jon Jonckers. He's been a constant contributor since 2006, and he still enjoys sharing his love for the region with anyone willing to listen. From bold action photos to authentic gear reviews to thoughtful interviews, Jon gets out there a lot!

Katie Botkin's profile of them behind their camera.

Katie Botkin

Freelance writer Katie Botkin is the managing editor of MultiLingual magazine, which ships to 87 countries. She frequently does international travel and adventure writing, and enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and a variety of other outdoor activities.

Kelly Chadwick's profile of them in a snow-storm.

Kelly Chadwick

Kelly Chadwick grew up wandering the outdoors, which led to a lifelong passion for the natural sciences. He became immersed in mycology at 16, studying and teaching identification of fungi for 20 years, ran a wholesale wild mushroom business, and published "Decomposition, an anthology of mushroom poetry “ with his partner Renée. Currently he is an Arborist and owner of Spirit Pruners in Spokane, WA. Email him your wild edible questions:

Lisa Laughlin profile of her smiling.

Lisa Laughlin

Lisa Laughlin is a long-distance runner who grew up on a dryland wheat farm in central Washington. She enjoys trail running, backpacking, and paddleboarding. She has a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and lives and works in Spokane, WA.

Matt Jones

Matt Jones in an insect ecologist by training. He enjoys playing in the mountains and surfing when he can get out to the coast. He currently lives in Wenatchee, WA.

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas lives, gardens, and chicken wrangles in Spokane.

Paul Chisholm

Paul Chisholm is a biologist working in southeast Alaska. He wrote about hiking Oregon Butte for the June issue of Out There. Follow him on Twitter:

Sarah Hauge profile of her and her daughter on the beach.

Sarah Hauge

Sarah Hauge has to admit she has an "indoorsy" nature, but luckily a year-round running addiction gets her outside frequently. She works as a writer and editor and lives in Spokane with her husband, two young daughters, and dog.

S Michal Bennett profile of them behind a book.

S. Michal Bennett

Michal Bennett is a freelance writer, editor, poet and blogger, dedicated to creative story telling and inspiring others. She and her husband live in Coeur d'Alene, where she often succumbs to the allure of the outdoors and local living. She is also the Marketing Director and writer for a local natural foods store.

Summer Hess profile while rock-climbing.

Summer Hess

Summer Hess loves to climb, ski, run, bike, and swim across the Inland Northwest.

Tim Connor profile with a swim cap and goggles.

Tim Connor

Tim Connor is a regional and national award-winning investigative reporter who specializes in complex environmental, legal, and public corruption stories.

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