Ammi Midstokke

Man with a cowboy hat on and pink socks with no shoes.

It Doesn’t Have to Suck to Be Worth It

“It was pretty grim,” says Geoff of the 50-mile slog we were attempting to complete. He’s done it before. Twice. He ought to know.   We were winding our way through the cloud-saturated trees for hours. Bright tufts of moss dripped off gnarled branches, leaving patches of iridescent green carpet as soft landing for our rain-soaked feet.   Other terms used during the event include, …

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A close-up of a yellow buttercup flower.

Our Love Measured in Six Feet

If we are feeling excluded, or as though we’ve been marked with a scarlet letter, let’s reframe our thoughts and support each other in these efforts. They are ultimately born, not of fear, but of the best intentions to keep each other safe. When this all passes, we’ll be invited to Pictionary Night again.

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