Inland NW Trails and Conservation Coalition


The Inland Northwest Trails and Conservation Coalition is devoted to conservation and trail corridors. Managed by volunteers, they welcome you to share their enthusiasm for this area. Take advantage of their links, contacts, trails and conservation area information and consider volunteering information and insights about your favorite places. They welcome your participation and interest in their meetings.


Inland Northwest Trails and Conservation Coalition is a consortium of outdoor recreation and conservation organizations that promotes and advocates for viable natural habitat and trail corridors, both land and water.


A system of paths, trails and open space corridors that connect neighborhoods, community and regional parks and conservation land in our region to engage people in muscle-powered recreational and conservation opportunities, promote active transportation and preserve open space to enhance our region’s quality of life.


Create a vision for a non-motorized transportation system for our region. Promote trails, parks and other protected natural areas as a vital aspect of our region’s growing recreation and tourism economy. Research and articulate economic and social impacts of trails, corridors and open space. Advocate for a regional non-motorized transportation and recreation system through government participation and citizen activity. Coordinate with public agencies and other organizations to achieve shared goals; recommend trail classifications to government jurisdictions and trail managers. Preserve our region’s natural areas, trails and waterways through grant-writing, education, events, project funding and coordinating volunteers for clean-up and trail-building projects. Some activities the Coalition may engage in or assist with are to:


Board Members


We  appreciate donations to help support our trail and conservation protection and connection efforts. The Inland Northwest Trails and Conservation Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible within the provisions of the law. Suggested donation: Non-profit organization, business, or unit of government $50.00 Individual/Family $20.00 Senior $10.00. Donations can be sent to PO Box 3331 Spokane, WA 99220

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