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Two children sitting down and eating fresh peaches at a local farmers market.

Inland NW Farmers’ Markets Bounce Back

Food access and grocery shopping were considered essential services in 2020, so farmers markets adapted, focusing even more on supporting local farmers and producers while also making produce, food, and value-added products as accessible as possible. Regional Farmers Markets are looking forward to slowly getting back to normal in 2021.

Hand holding a plastic cup of beer at the beech with inflatable rafts and kayaks on the rocky beach in the background.

Provisions: New Local Craft Brewery Box from LINC Foods

LINC Market is an online grocery shopping service, based in Spokane, with a focus on a wide range of local, sustainable foods. Coming soon–LINC Foods will offer a Brewery Box, a curated local craft beer subscription.

Silver mylar bags of dehydrated meals and a white-colored, circular dehydration machine.

Homemade Dehydrated Meals

Dehydrating your own backpacking meals can be fun and cost-effective compared to purchasing ready-made freeze-dried meals. It can also be a great wintertime activity while …

Beer can label for Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, featuring a skeleton wearing a bomber hat and jacket with red scarf.

Provisions: Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger family of beers are brewed with trendsetting hop and malt varieties.

Mug of spicy hot chocolate, with chili peppers and grated chocolate.

Provisions: Spicy Hot Chocolate

A chocolate beverage is great for hydration and energy, and one with warming spices provides comfort to enjoy the great outdoors when the weather chills.

Zavor air fryer with assorted fries.

Provisions: Zavor Crunch Air Fryer

The Zavor Crunch Air Fryer is like a toaster oven with two trays, so it fits more food in one batch, and comes with a rotisserie and rotisserie basket.

Bird-eye view of golden milk and ingredients.

Provisions: Golden Milk

What’s better than a warm drink after spending a day out in the cold? A healing one for sore muscles! Swap your hot cocoa for this sweet, spicy golden milk.

Bloody Mary canned cocktail from Dry Fly.

Provisions: Dry Fly Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary ready-to-enjoy canned cocktail, made by Dry Fly Distillery in Spokane, Wash., is great for a backcountry ski trip as well as happy hour at home.

Up-close breakfast cookies with oats and chocolate chips.

Provisions: Family Breakfast Cookies

Simple, healthy cookies that can be a snack, dessert, or second breakfast upon at the ski mountain. Includes oats, bananas, and shredded coconut.

Doma Instant Craft Coffee.

Provisions: DOMA Instant Craft Coffee

A review of Post Falls, Idaho-based DOMA Coffee Roasting Company’s new “instant craft coffee” products.

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