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Indoors at the Crow's Nest restaurant, with light wood beam accents on the ceiling and window frames, and wood furniture.

A New Delicious View at Schweitzer: Crow’s Nest

Alpine-inspired menu at the Crow’s Nest, located inside Schweitzer’s new Humbird hotel, is inspired by Bavarian, French, and German cuisine.

Food buffet line at an outdoor party, with guests dressed in warm jackets, hats, and gloves.

Tips for Hosting An Outdoor Party When It’s Cold

Hosting an outdoor party when it’s still cold outside in early spring (or late winter) really isn’t as difficult (or as cold) as it seems.

Crispy Chickpeas with Winter Vegetables, in bowls

Salad Recipe: Crispy Chickpeas with Winter Vegetables

Enjoy seasonal produce: carrots, Chioggia beets, winter kale, and pedrosillano garbanzo beans. Recipe from Local Inland Northwest Cooperative.

Frothy topped beverage in a mug on a table by a window.

Mushroom-Based Coffee Alternative: MUD/WTR

A healthy alternative to coffee, MUD/WTR is a chai-spiced drink powder made from cacao and and medicinal mushrooms.

Dry Fly Grey-Hound “On The Fly” canned cocktail -- light maroon colored aluminum can with white and blue graphics and text.

Provisions: Dry Fly’s Grey-Hound Canned Cocktail

Dry Fly Distillery’s “On The Fly” Grey-Hound canned cocktail combines grapefruit juice with Dry Fly’s distinct gin.

Picking Blueberries at Red Canoe Farms.

Provisions: North Idaho’s Panhandle Farm Corridor

The Panhandle Farm Corridor is a collective of small farms in North Idaho that help connect the community and customers directly to farmers.

Flpsde Drink & Snack Bottle - solid red water bottle with a solid-black silicone band around the middle -- water coming out of one end and snacks falling out of the other.

Provisions Gear: Flpsde Drink & Snack Bottle

The Flpsde stainless steel bottle that will keep the beverage of choice hot or cold in one side and snacks or other items dry in the other.

Peter Rabbit mocktail features clear spirit in a glass with ice, garnished with a carrot shaving.from non-alcoholic, pop-up Steady Bar in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is made with Seedlip,

Provisions: Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits are crafted to bring three distinct flavor profiles to a drink: herbal, citrus, and spice.

Dishman Hills Pils from Yaya Brewing - 4 cans sitting on snow.

Provisions: Dishman Hills Pils from YaYa Brewing

Dishman Hills Pils from YaYa Brewing is unique for a pilsner–smooth and tangy, with subtle aromas and no bitter taste.

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