Huckleberry Lemon Drop from Dry Fly

This huckleberry twist on the classic Lemon Drop is a brilliant addition to the Guided Sip Series from Dry Fly Distilling. There’s a mild amount of tart to accompany the fruity notes; however, it’s not too sweet or too strong. Most people serve it cold, but you can serve it over ice or in a cold cocktail glass. The ABV is 20% for 375 ML, and 13% for the 1.75L size. These two volumes are perfect recipes for a quiet evening for two, or a larger family gathering.

The Lemon Drop was originally crafted in the 1970s, most likely named after the lemon drop candy. Beginning with the award-winning Dry Fly Vodka, this cocktail features real huckleberries along with some simple syrups. Even better, it’s gluten free, and made locally in downtown Spokane. Obviously, since it’s pre-mixed, you don’t have to buy any lemons or syrups or fruit. Dry Fly already did all of the heavy lifting and you can pour it right into a sugar-rimmed glass. However, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can add a lemon wedge to the glass.

If you’re interested in some additional pre-mixed cocktails, then take a look at some of the other drinks in the Guided Sip Series. The Guided Sips Earl Grey Old Fashioned is made with Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey, house bitters, real cane sugar, and an earl grey tea concentrate from our friends over at Revival Tea. The Guided Sips Bloody Mary is a house-made mix with a custom spice blend from Spiceology and the award-winning Dry Fly Vodka. Dry Fly is sold and distributed throughout the entire Pacific Northwest, but whenever possible check out their tasting room right downtown.

Cover photo courtesy of Jon Jonckers

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