Inland NW Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Inland NW Holiday Gift Guide with ideas from OTO advertisers and other small businesses to make shopping local easier.

close encounter with bears: black bear in the wild, standing up from a field of tall grass.

Close Encounters With Bears

Guidebook author James P. Johnson shares about his harrowing close encounters with bears while hiking in the wilds of Washington State.

Volunteer on public lands: Livingston family on the Waikiki Springs Trail. Parents and children wearing matching blue t-shirts with forest trees in the background.

Volunteer On Public Lands & Trails

Volunteer on our public lands and trails — a healthy activity for all ages. Learn about opportunities with Inland NW organizations.

Mill Butte's forest views -- forest with grassy understory, and single track hiking trail.

Hiking Mill Butte – NW Wash.

Mill Butte Trail is a 4.8-mile forested hike, located in the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge in NE Wash. Great for a fall hike!

View of Bead Lake below from a rock cliff overlooking the Colville National Forest in NE Washington.

Inland NW Trail & Outdoor News: Fall 2022

The Trailhead — Info and updates about trails and outdoor recreation around the Inland Northwest for Fall 2022.

Man hiking with trekking poles, wearing a backpack, along a rocky dirt trail with small red-colored bushes along the sides and mountain ridge in the distance.

Backpacking Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness

Travelogue of a 5-day backpacking trip in northeast Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains.

Toilet paper trash left behind on public lands, at a river beach.

Never Leave a Trace

With more visitors to public lands, human-induced wear and tear has increased and Leave No Trace practices are more important than ever.

Bear poking its head out of a garbage can, licking its lips.

Bear Country Safety Advice

Learn how stay safe in bear country and prevent encounters, whether living or enjoying recreation in or near bear habitat areas.

Close-up view of Chuck Bartlebaugh holding a can of bear spray with outstretched arms, with thumb pressing on top of spray can, demonstrating how to deploy bear repellent spray during a training session.

Bear Spray Science

A brief science history of bear spray, the red-pepper based repellent used by park rangers, hunters, and anyone else entering bear country.

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