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Volunteer on public lands: Livingston family on the Waikiki Springs Trail. Parents and children wearing matching blue t-shirts with forest trees in the background.

Volunteer On Public Lands & Trails

Volunteer on our public lands and trails — a healthy activity for all ages. Learn about opportunities with Inland NW organizations.

Recovering from hip replacement, X-ray of author's bionic hip - radiology image.

Recovering From Hip Replacement 

Writer shares his at-home exercise routine while recovering from hip replacement after a cyclocross race crash.

Woman hiking in the snow with her leashed dog, with evergreen trees in the background, blue and sunset-colored sky in the distance and small crescent moon up high.

Peloton vs. Dog: Pros & Cons of Exercising Indoors

Health & Fitness Dept. article by Heidi Lasher about her struggle choosing indoor cycling over exercising outdoors with her dog.

"...even if you never ride a bike, your town will be stronger economically if more people who want to bicycle can do so safely..." is Washington Bike's message.

Indoor Cycling Classes in Spokane-CDA

Four Inland NW businesses in the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene metro area offer various indoor cycling classes.

Person writing in a journal.

3 Steps For Healthy and Balanced Goal-Setting

Three key questions to guide self-reflection for improving wellness and to help align priorities and set goals that enhance life balance.


When Giving Up on the Activities You Love Isn’t An Option

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a safe, effective treatment that helps many men achieve renewed vitality and a higher quality of life. If you’ve ever felt …

Fat bike fun. Photo: Alan Lemire.

Spokane Athlete Ravaged By Long-Haul COVID Maintains Hopeful Outlook

Long-haul COVID has halted the outdoor and fitness-related activities, including cycling and hiking, for a Spokane athlete and nurse.

Illustration of vector bacteria.

How To Manage Your Microbiome

Learn about the complex human biome, probiotics, and how consuming a nutritious diet, instead of supplements, can help your biome health.


3 Safe Sun Practices To Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Many Americans lack a basic understanding of skin cancer and sun protection, especially Gen Z and Millennials. To help reduce skin cancer risk, the AAD recommends 3 simple steps when outdoors to #PracticeSafeSun.

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