Tailwind Chocolate Recovery Mix

Cover photo courtesy of Lisa Laughlin

My husband was the one who brought this post-run fuel into our home, and I’ll admit at first sip I wrinkled my nose. It tasted like salty chocolate milk. I later realized this was because I hadn’t just sweat. Because, do you know what sounds fantastic after a hard run that isn’t going to sound good to someone just standing there in the kitchen? Salty chocolate milk. You other runners know what I mean.

Courtesy of Lisa Laughlin

I hit the trails hard last season and came to rely on Tailwind for recovery fuel. It became as essential in my pre-run prep as my hydration pack. Though I consumed adequate fuel while running on the trail in the form of chews and real food, I kept a shaker bottle full of Tailwind in my car to drink as soon as I left the trailhead. Tailwind reliably gave me the feeling of its namesake: a tailwind that helped me coast into whatever post-run demands I’d face with an active lifestyle.

Here’s why Tailwind works for me, and why I’d recommend it: it’s a complete protein with carbs and electrolytes. And it’s easy. Tailwind is based on organic rice protein and supplemented with the nine essential amino acids. The electrolyte lineup includes the heavy-hitters sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It’s dairy-free and vegan with double the protein of chocolate milk. Salty tinge aside, it tastes above and beyond the chalky-tasting whey proteins I’ve tried.

Add water to Tailwind recovery mix, shake or stir, and keep kicking butt off the trail. Try a single pack or buy the big bag at Spokane REI or online at Tailwindnutrition.com. With 15 servings a bag, you pay $2.66 per use, which is a decent price to pay for the power against a post-run crash.

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