Feast World Kitchen Cultivates Community

Cover photo courtesy of Feast World Kitchen

Imagine trying food from Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Jordan, Mexico, Rwanda, or Syria after your next outdoor adventure in the Inland Northwest. It may sound like it requires travel, but, thanks to Feast World Kitchen, you’ll only have to get to downtown Spokane. 

Every Wednesday through Sunday, Feast World Kitchen features a different chef partner who cooks food from their country of origin. The result is delicious food, endless variety, cooks who learn the trade and improve their lives, and patrons who learn more about the world.

The goal of the program is to help refugees and immigrants learn the restaurant business, earn income from their food sales, and build community. As the founders say, “Food has a wonderful way of bringing people together and breaking down barriers.” The restaurant also features a program called Table Time, where refugees and immigrants can get help with resume building, paperwork, English practice, and other practical support. 

Photo Courtesy of Feast World Kitchen

The restaurant at 3rd and Cedar in Spokane has dine-in options, or you can order online for pickup (pre-order is recommended). The menu is posted every Monday by 5:30pm for the upcoming week’s rotation of chefs. Inland Curry is frequently in the lineup on Thursdays with mouth-watering Indian food.

 Feast World Kitchen encourages dinner pickup at around 4:30 p.m., which makes it a great option to order online (Feastworldkitchen.org) before a full-day bike or kayak adventure at Riverfront park and then pick up on your way home. Spokane needs more global cuisine, and the joy and deliciousness spread by this organization is a great reason to come to the table. (Crystal Atamian)

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