Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Forested area during the fall with a mountain in the background.

Waikiki Springs Expanded Recreation Area

Spokane, Wash.   The north Spokane recreation area commonly referred to as Waikiki Springs nearly doubles this fall as Inland Northwest Land Conservancy (INLC) announces the purchase of a 95-acre parcel of land adjacent to existing 114-acre Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife property along the Little Spokane River.The land, part of the Waikiki Dairy in …

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Photo of lynx.

Wildlife Travels

The movement of wildlife is crucial to their survival. Salmon travel from the ocean to the river to spawn, field mice scurry along hedgerows to avoid predation, and caribou traverse thousands of miles to search for wintering grounds. Wildlife corridors are the routes, relatively unhindered by human activity, that wild animals travel to meet many of their primary needs: food, shelter, and reproduction. Nature has a way of spreading animals across the …

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