July 2008

A Critical Mess

Did you hear about the altercation at the Seattle Critical Mass ride on Friday? Well if you read about it Saturday in the Seattle Times you got a story that made it sound like a group of crazed riders attacked a driver. Today the the Times posted the story again–this time with comments from the …

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Don’t Spend Conservation Futures $ on the YMCA building

I just sent this letter off to City and County officials. I’m ready for the hate mail to pour in. What do you think?: Dear Director Chase, Commisioner Mager, Commisioner Meilke, Commisioner Richard, I urge you not to consider using Conservation Futures funds to acquire the YMCA property in Riverfront Park. I am puzzled as …

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Pedals2People At Perry Fair

Image courtesy of Pedels2People The South Perry Fair is this weekend–which is always fun–but this year Pedals2People will be there. “Pedals2People (P2P) will be providing free bike tune ups to the neighborhood citizens of South Perry. Kid bikes will be prioritized. P2P volunteers will do their best to get bikes running.

Angry Bicycle Gang in PDX

I usually only do one post a day but reader David Carroll sent this in: Found a news article about a horrible bike related incident in Portland. Thought you might be interested. http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/2008/07/angry_bicyclists_gang_up_on_th.html This situation here is really weird. Most cyclists/driver incidents I read about involved drivers attacking cyclists, not the other way around. I …

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