July 2008

A Critical Mess

Did you hear about the altercation at the Seattle Critical Mass ride on Friday? Well if you read about it Saturday in the Seattle Times you got a story that made it sound like a group of crazed riders attacked a driver. Today the the Times posted the story again–this time with comments from the

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Don’t Spend Conservation Futures $ on the YMCA building

I just sent this letter off to City and County officials. I’m ready for the hate mail to pour in. What do you think?: Dear Director Chase, Commisioner Mager, Commisioner Meilke, Commisioner Richard, I urge you not to consider using Conservation Futures funds to acquire the YMCA property in Riverfront Park. I am puzzled as

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Angry Bicycle Gang in PDX

I usually only do one post a day but reader David Carroll sent this in: Found a news article about a horrible bike related incident in Portland. Thought you might be interested. http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/2008/07/angry_bicyclists_gang_up_on_th.html This situation here is really weird. Most cyclists/driver incidents I read about involved drivers attacking cyclists, not the other way around. I

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