September 2013

DIY Snacks

Turning Fall Harvest Into Healthy Backcountry Snacks Buying lightweight, healthy snacks to pack along on outdoor adventures can seriously break the bank. Even then, you may find weird ingredients on the labels and worry how those mystery substances will hinder your performance out there. Dried fruit can be one of the biggest offenders. Even organic

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Kidical Mass

On a cool, cloudy day last April, Erika Henry, Summer Parkways Co-Chair, reviewed arm signals with a group of helmeted children straddling their bikes. She held her arm out and asked, “What direction am I turning?” A chorus of kids answered, “Left.” And so began Spokane’s first Kidical Mass. Kidical Mass ( began in Eugene,

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Women Rock

No one knows for certain how many local female climbers have climbed 5.12 or higher in the past twenty years, but one thing is certain. Right now, Spokane is home to twice as many super strong and talented female climbers than at any time in the past two decades. Admittedly, rock climbing continues to be

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