March 2021

View of rolling green hills of Palouse farmland from the summit from Kamiak Butte.

Hiking Kamiak Butte in Whitman County, Wash.

Kamiak Butte (3,641′ elevation) is the second tallest point in Whitman County and a designated National Natural Landmark. One of four county parks, the butte can have some of the earliest spring wildflowers in March and April, although early season visitors should also be prepared for potentially snowy and icy conditions in shady spots as well as higher on the trail system.

Sick Birds in Washington State Prompt Call for Winter Feeding Ban

Due to a recent die-off of finches and other songbirds, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife wants residents to remove or clean bird feeders daily until April 1 to prevent the spread of salmonellosis, a common and usually fatal bird disease caused by the salmonella bacteria. When birds flock together in large numbers at feeders, they can transmit the disease through droppings and saliva.

Forested area during the fall with a mountain in the background.

Land Conservancy Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Spokane, Wash. Since its founding, the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has protected more than 22,000 acres in public and private areas throughout Spokane and Kootenai counties. Today, more than 90% of households in these counties are within view of an INLC project area. The organization’s mission, connecting people to nature by conserving lands and waters …

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Climbing Permit Changes for Mount St Helens

Castle Rock, Wash. Outdoor recreation areas around the Pacific Northwest have been extremely crowded during the pandemic. Last summer, the Forest Service and county sheriff’s offices began towing cars parked illegally near trailheads on Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and other day-use areas around the region. In an effort to reduce crowds on Mount St Helens, …

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