December 2007

Running Naked

Another outdoor recreation album cover. If you’ve never heard this song from the Pharycyde’s second record head over to itunes and snag both “Runnin” and “Drop.” You will not be disapointed. If you like rap but don’t like these songs I will refund your $1.98. Cover number 4 in a series.

Portland Sucks

Portland, Oregon—otherwise known as eco-city utopia—does many things better than Spokane. They’ve got better bicycle infrastructure. They have a pro basketball team. They have one of the best marathons in the Northwest. They have Mt. Hood, with its epic kiteboarding and nearly year-round snowsports. They have better public transportation. Portland is truly a city that …

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Get Ready for Bloomsday

With the Blackbirds. I’m not sure why the Blackbirds decided to wed their killer urban funk with track and field, but I like it. Number three in a series of outdoor recreation album covers. Got one? Email me at Posted by Jon Snyder

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