Lyte Balance Electrolyte Concentrate

With so many electrolyte drinks and powders on the market,  it can be difficult to makes sense of all the claims and know what your body really needs. I’ve flirted with my share of electrolyte products over the years, but have yet to settle down into a monogamous, hydrating partnership with one brand. But I may have found that special someone: Lyte Balance electrolyte concentrate from Liberty Lake based SenseAble Supplements.

It seems to have everything I’ve been looking for to meet my hydration needs. Given the salt crystals that form on my bike shirt, backpack, and running shorts after long outings, I need to replenish my sodium. Lyte Balance concentrate, which you add by the capful to water, juice, milk (or other protein drinks), or any other favorite beverage (owner Tim Cunninghamm recommends trying it in beer and coffee), has a light, satisfying salty taste that my brain, and salt stained clothes, tell me I need. It also comes loaded with the other primary electrolytes that the average American is deficient in, including potassium and magnesium. I’ve been trying it now for three weeks in mostly 90 degree Spokane summer heat and have felt hydrated and avoided cramps on several long, sweaty mountain bike rides.

I also like the fact that Lyte Balance is pure, plain electrolytes and water. No sugar. No weird colorings or artificial flavorings. It’s like the choose-your-own adventure of electrolyte drinks that you can customize anyway you want. And there’s only one small plastic bottle of concentrated clear liquid that will last you for weeks or months, which eliminates the waste of individual sports drink bottles. The philosophy behind Lyte Balance is also incredibly interesting and well worth reading about on their website: You can find Lyte Balance at Huckleberry’s, Main Market, and Pilgrim’s Market.


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