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Photo of lynx.

Wildlife Travels

The movement of wildlife is crucial to their survival. Salmon travel from the ocean to the river to spawn, field mice scurry along hedgerows to avoid predation, and caribou traverse thousands of miles to search for wintering grounds. Wildlife corridors are the routes, relatively unhindered by human activity, that wild animals travel to meet many of their primary needs: food, shelter, and reproduction. Nature has a way of spreading animals across the …

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Collaborative River Conservation in the Inland NW

Rivers are complex systems, and conservation efforts can be as complex as river systems themselves. Collaborative efforts involving multiple stakeholders have the best chance to be successful. Here are two regional conservation efforts where multiple stakeholders are working together to improve our waterways. Invasive Predators Invasive northern pike have been making inroads into the Columbia …

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View of the Spokane River from McLellan.

Hiking Spokane’s McLellan Conservation Area

  A secluded peninsula jutting out along the Spokane River, McLellan Conservation Area offers early season accessibility and relatively easy hiking.  Early April wildflowers will likely include buttercup, prairie star, and grasswidow, all gradually giving way to arrowleaf balsamroot and phlox by the end of the month.  With its forested core and riparian habitat along …

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