Clearwater Paper Helps Replace Stolen Conservation Equipment

Cover photo courtesy Shallan Knowles

Photo Courtesy Shallan Knowles

In February 2024, a break-in at the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy’s (INLC) gear barn resulted in theft and damage totaling $30,000 in tools and equipment crucial for their conservation work at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve. This loss disrupted their stewardship activities and community events, impacting both the organization and local wildlife enthusiasts. Upon learning of this setback, Nikki Penna of Clearwater Paper rallied support by securing up to a $20,000 match donation for a crowdfunding campaign. This initiative aims to replace stolen tools and equipment by matching community donations 2:1 through May 2024. Clearwater Paper’s commitment reflects their dedication to supporting local conservation and preserving natural areas like Waikiki Springs. INLC is grateful for the partnership and hopes for community support to reach their funding goal and continue caring for these cherished lands. Donate or learn more at

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