Outdoor Shakespeare Performances June 20-22

Cover photo courtesy of Maggie Johnson

A great way to enjoy a summer evening is with a bit of outdoor entertainment. On the weekend of the summer solstice, catch a free, live, outdoors performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Riverstone Park Amphitheater in Coeur d’Alene at 6 p.m. This classic work will be performed by the Shakespeare Coeur d’Alene group, a new, nonprofit theatre company. The entire cast is from the local community, with mostly adults and two teens. “Shakespeare, when done well, elevates the mind and lifts the spirit,” says Shakespeare Coeur d’Alene executive director Maggie Johnson. “The beauty of his language and the timelessness of his stories still have the power to delight, to challenge, to move, and to provoke audiences.”

Photo Courtesy Maggie Johnson

In addition to plays, the company offers table readings, actor’s workshops and summer camps for teens. This summer, the group will offer a two-week camp for middle and high school students to develop performance skills while being led by seasoned educators and professional actors. The goal of Shakespeare Coeur d’Alene is to make timeless pieces of theatre resonate with modern-day audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Learn more at Shakespearecda.org.

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