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Woman with a purple top running on a paved trail.

Running Season

For my first few years in Spokane, straight out of college and newly entered into the full-time workforce, I had a corporate job I found terribly dull—but that came with access to a basement gym, locker room, and showers. The subtle encouragement to make space for exercise during the workday was a life-changer, and I transformed from …

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Two people doing yoga meditation.

Way Out There: Extreme Enlightenment

For most of us, modern life doesn’t afford the same hardships it used to. Instead of toil and pain, we face anxiety, depression, and addiction—the ills of a distracted, disconnected, overly stimulated population. Sometimes the antidote to these maladies is choosing the right hardship, such as Vipassana meditation.

A close-up of a yellow buttercup flower.

Our Love Measured in Six Feet

If we are feeling excluded, or as though we’ve been marked with a scarlet letter, let’s reframe our thoughts and support each other in these efforts. They are ultimately born, not of fear, but of the best intentions to keep each other safe. When this all passes, we’ll be invited to Pictionary Night again.

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