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A Tent with a View: 7 Super Scenic Campgrounds

Camping is the quintessential summer activity. There’s no agenda or media; it’s just you and the great outdoors. Although most campgrounds on public lands are scenic, some offer more “wow” factor and bang for your buck. If chilling out is your primary activity while camping, you can kickback in a hammock or chair and still …

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Photo of kid in front of make believe fire made from twigs and a tree stump.

15 Top Family Campgrounds

A quintessential summer activity, camping allows kids all-day, hands-on adventure. Use this alphabetical list of recommended public campgrounds around the Inland Northwest to plan your summer camping excursions. Albeni Cove: A small rustic campground located near Oldtown, Idaho, along the Pend Oreille River, near Albeni Falls Dam (overseen by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers). Enjoy …

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Family-Friendly Campgrounds in North Idaho & Eastern Washington

Camping days stretch long for children to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy time free of schedules and technology. Camping is as transformative as it is fun. Make one of these Inland Northwest campgrounds the new happiest place on earth for your kids this summer. Sam Owen Campground  Located near Hope, Idaho, this semi-rustic campground …

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Six Kid-Friendly Campgrounds

By Amy Silbernagel McCaffree Camping provides rituals for family bonding: the road trip, meals around the picnic table, playtime, and the campfire. Days stretch long for children to immerse themselves in nature. It’s as transformative as it is fun. “Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events …

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Fly-fisherman holding a wild steelhead in the water.

Bold Proposal to Restore Snake River Salmon & Steelhead

Snake River wild salmon and steelhead population is drastically declining, and the solution is to remove the four lower Snake River dams to allow salmon easier access into the 5,000+ miles of pristine upstream river habitat. The Columbia Basin Fund initiative proposed by Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson (R) aims to do that. Citizens need to voice their support to Congress.

A foggy, rocky area lined with trees.

Public Lands 101

In the collective mind’s eye of America, public lands were born the day Yosemite became a public park in 1864, when president Lincoln deeded it to the State of California, or when president Woodrow Wilson established the National Parks Service in 1916. In reality, protected lands in the United States are managed by a broad swath of federal, state, county, city, and tribal …

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