Jon Jonckers

Person mountain biking along a dirt trail at Riverside State Park, with forest in the near distance.

New Drinking Fountain at Riverside’s 7 Mile Airfield

Shortly after the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enhanced several portions of Riverside State Park, the 7 Mile Airfield was used as a practice field during WWII for American pilots who would later be landing and taking off on atolls in the Pacific. The retired airfield is about a kilometer wide and two kilometers long, and […]

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Avalanche Danger

Jonckers skiing in Idaho. In case you haven’t heard about the avalanche threat in the backcountry here’s a report from OTM writer Jon Jonckers: I can tell you first-hand from backcountry skiing in the Selkirks above Priest Lake (near the Sundance Burn), these are the worst avalanche conditions I have ever seen. And it seems

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