Run with Your Dog at Bloomsdog 2023

Wildly popular and a doggone good time the last two years, Bloomsdog is now available for purchase by any pup’s human participant in virtual Bloomsday 2023. Bloomsdog is a virtual event for dogs and dog owners. There are still no dogs allowed on the official Bloomsday course on the first Sunday in May for obvious reasons. However, if you’re doing a virtual Bloomsday with your canine, then why not include them with some celebration, souvenirs, and fundraising?

Bloomsdog was inspired by all the 2020 runners and walkers who completed their virtual 12k race with their pups. Dubbed ‘Bloomsday Worldwide,’ the 45th running of Bloomsday turned into a major success due to its global popularity. Now, roughly 25% of the Bloomsdog entry fee goes to the Spokane Humane Society, and each pup receives some swag, while each pup owner receives some generous discounts and specialty coupons.

Since 1897, the Spokane Humane Society has served as a refuge for dogs in peril by providing care, shelter, and placement for tens of thousands of lost, neglected, and unwanted dogs. Throughout the years, they have served many functions and now focus on the care and placement of companion animals. Find more details at

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