PNW Provisions Trailhead Bars

Anyone who frequents trailheads needs to give the new PNW Provisions Trailhead Bars a shot. Whether it’s hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or dog walking, fuel is imperative, and PNW Provisions Trailhead Bars are delicious, healthy, and made right in the great Pacific Northwest.

Each bar is a blend of everything you can read on the wrapper. The names merge all the ingredients followed by an activity. For example, my favorite is Apples & Agave & Cinnamon & Almonds & Hiking. However, among my extremely limited taste testers, the favorite was the Dark Chocolate & Cherries & Oats & Vanilla & Biking, followed closely by Blueberries & Cinnamon & Chia Seeds & Almonds & Climbing.

These bars are the exact opposite of the cardboard granola bars found in big green boxes at Costco. It’s a brand-new company founded by the owners of The Great PNW clothing company, and they have created fantastic trail snacks that celebrate the area. Even better, a portion of every sale will contribute to wildland preservation and conservation. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for some new Trailhead Mixes, and some caffeinated Trailhead Bars, as well as PNW Provisions Coffee. Learn more at

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