Storm Watch Pt. 3

Too much snow. // Photos by Jon Jonckers.

I saw a forecast today that predicted light snow and a high of 18. I thought to myself “Pretty sweet. I’ll take that.” That’s what kind of week it’s been. Thank God for the bus. I’m sick of driving my car in this weather, mostly because of the poor driving from other drivers. What make’s people think that a front-wheel drive Civic is going to get them anywhere on unplowed streets? And what gives with all the delivery trucks without chains? My buddy John hooked me up with the perfect snow bike: fixed gear, knobby tires, and flat handlebar. It eats up snow. But I haven’t been able to ride it much because the streets with little traffic have too much loose snow even for this beast, and the streets with the nice packed powder are filled with drivers who tool around town like they have never seen a snowstorm before. So today I’m happy to be on the bus. “Worry about the direction your schizophrenia medication is going?” is the fast ad I read when I sit down in my seat. I love the bus but that kind of stereotyping gives it a bad name. Check out these cool photos Jon Jonckers sent in.

Notice the deer at the bottom.

The Spokane River of course. Wonder what it will be like in May. Despite all the snow predictions are NOT showing we will exceed last year’s total of 90+ inches. We’ll see.

Somewhere in there is Omega Pacific.

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