Skiing the South Hill Bluff

Mira Copeland, Forrest Copeland, and Ben Engler prepare for a run on the bluff. // Photo Gerry Copeland.

I know some of you are doing it, I can see those lines driving 195. Here’s some pics and a report from our What’s Your Gear? columnist Mira Copeland:

We decided to kick off the season with some renegade skiing off Highland
Bluff. Not sure how legal it is to ski this route, but we certainly weren’t
the only ones doing it! Two feet of perfectly light, untouched powder just
minutes, (steps even, for those lucky enough to live on High Drive) from
your front door is not to be ignored, especially while you’re on vacation
for the holidays. The runs weren’t long (we had to go twice), but the hill
is steep, the snow was deep, and the outrun was a piece of cake! Sure beats
staying home to play another round of yahtzee by the fire!

Send us your urban skiing pics and stories. I saw two snowmobiles speeding down Riverside, downtown, the Thursday before Christmas. Does anybody have pictures of that?

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