More Storm Reports

The hardest part about driving may be getting out of your driveway. // Photo Jon Snyder

Here’s bunch of things related to the storm:

– STA service is beginning to be restored today. Routes 23, 24, 25, 73 and 90 will have partial service. See the STA website for more details. This could be a great way to get around if you live near these lines.

– All five local ski resorts are open with lush conditions–just call ahead for road conditions. Mt. Spokane reports that Mt. Spokane Park Drive has been plowed all the way to the top.

– All local Post Office buildings are open today with the exception of Downtown Riverside branch (PO boxes are accessible but window service is closed.)

– If you are cross country skiing or telemarking to get around be careful. We took the whole family out XC skis yesterday and had to be very careful dodging traffic. It was safer to be on sidewalks sometimes because the powder was too deep on the shoulders and their were an abundance of incredibly bad drivers on the roads. I saw a lot of young drivers getting stuck in small front wheel-drive cars or driving fast and out-of-control in SUVs. Other drivers may be the biggest danger on the roads right now.

– As reported here yesterday Mountain Gear, Spokane Alpine Haus, and Wild Walls are all open and I expect more stores to open today. Please patronize our advertisers who have worked hard to stay open during the storm!

– Governor Gregoire’s new budget has been released and it includes tons of cuts and some stimulus spending on education infrastructure on the Eastside of the state. No word on state stimulus for transportation projects, including active transportation. As for Federal stimulus for transportation projects Obama’s stimulus plan is now up to 850 billion. He has reportedly chosen Illinois Republican Ray LaHood for transportation secretary. It will be interesting to see if the increased stimulus amount or the choice of LaHood will benefit active transportation projects in the nation or in Spokane.

– Colder weather is coming tomorrow. Don’t let your pipes freeze!

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