LeGrizz: It Was Cold. And Long.

The 2009 Le Grizz Ultramarathon in Hungry Horse, Montana broke multiple records this past weekend – some more impressive than others.

Record #1 – largest participation in the 3rd longest-running 50 mile ultramarathon in the nation: 97 entrants, 91 starters.

Record #2 – Brian Vandenburg of Spokane won the Men’s Open Division for the 4th year in a row (however, Mark Tarr has more overall wins in the Open and Masters division).

Record #3 – COLDEST ultramarathon anyone can ever remember: starting temp was 0 degrees Farenheit, and the high temp estimate was 28 degrees.

Out There Monthly writer Jon Jonckers reports, “I couldn’t feel my feet for the first three miles. No kidding, they were numb. Also, I never imagined I would ever participate in a race where the water in my water bottle would freeze in my hands. Crazy cold!” Jonckers took 9th overall in his first 50 mile ultramarathon.

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