Holiday Guide 2018

Photo of small candle in glass votive and evergreen branch.

Holiday Traditions

Even the most holidays-hardened, Christmas-season cynics among us usually have at least one tradition that stirs up sentimental spirits. Our awareness of these significant rituals—handed down through generations or created anew—are what can make the holiday season magical even if other things about the impending yuletide bum you out. For me, the smell of cold …

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Photo of carriage down the main street of Leavenworth with lighted shops.

10 Ways to Make the Holiday Season Magical

With silent, moonlit nights, sparkly snow crystals, snowflakes that stick to your nose and eyelashes, nature’s beauty inspires wonder, awe, surprise, delight, nostalgia, and love. During this month’s countdown to the holidays, take time to experience both little and spectacular moments of winter magic. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Partake in the famous …

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