A woman taking a selfie with three other men bike riders.

Great American Outdoors

The corona virus pandemic has few silver linings, but one that may be the most lasting and positive is the dramatic increase in the number of Americans who have been getting outside. And it’s our vast system of federal, state, and local public lands and parks that make spending time outdoors here in the U.S.A. so easy and enjoyable. Especially here in the West, where the

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Photo of lynx.

Wildlife Travels

The movement of wildlife is crucial to their survival. Salmon travel from the ocean to the river to spawn, field mice scurry along hedgerows to avoid predation, and caribou traverse thousands of miles to search for wintering grounds. Wildlife corridors are the routes, relatively unhindered by human activity, that wild animals travel to meet many of their primary needs: food, shelter, and reproduction. Nature has a way of spreading animals across the

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Two people biking downtown.

Program Encourages Smarter Commutes

You’ve probably noticed there are less cars on the road resulting in less traffic and less air pollution. With fewer cars on the road, it’s easier to go places and less stressful too. “Right now, there are more people teleworking, riding bicycles and walking,” says LeAnn Yamamoto with Commute Smart Northwest. “Let’s continue this movement,” she adds, noting that “biking

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1.5 Miles of Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Permanently Protected

  Fresh victory for the PCT hot off the press: Seattle Wash., October 18, 2012 – Today, The Trust for Public Land announced that 808 acres of private lands along the Pacific Crest Trail in Kittitas County, Washington have been protected and added to the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie and Wenatchee national forests. The two properties, owned

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