New Sections Added to Spokane’s Centennial Trail

Spokane, Wash.

The Carlson Trailhead is now officially open to the public. Beginning in March 2021, the Centennial Trail was rerouted away from Carlson Road that paralleled the Spokane River near the Nine Mile Falls Dam.

The new trail section is completely independent from the road and features some elegant switchbacks in order to keep the trail ADA compliant. Even better, this new section provides a fluid junction between Riverside State Park and Sontag Community Park in Nine Mile Falls.

By all accounts, this fresh ribbon of asphalt creates a greater connection to the community. Ultimately, this project is a win/win for everyone.

Meanwhile, the Summit Boulevard project from Boone Street to Pettet Drive is moving ahead smoothly. This particular project replaces crumbling sidewalks and curbing in the neighborhood and enhances connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists to bus stops, parks, schools, and the West Central Community Center. The project has been part of Spokane community plans since 2007.

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