New “Keep Washington Evergreen” Initiative

Olympia, Wash.

Washington Department of Natural Resources Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, has introduced “Keep Washington Evergreen,” a plan for forest conservation and reforestation for the state.

With a goal of conserving one million acres of working and natural forests, and reforesting another million acres across the state of Washington by 2040, this initiative will create a framework and secure funding for a healthy forest future.

Working with the state legislature to develop strategy, create a stakeholder advisory group, and make an investment of capital funds will help meet initiative goals.

(left) Methow Valley, Wash., Sun Mountain bike trails. // Photo: Aaron Theisen; (right) Abercrombie Mountain on the Colville National Forest. // Photo: Derrick Knowles

“The short-sighted conversion of working forests in Washington presents a clear and dire threat to our environment, economy and communities that depend on healthy forests on both sides of the Cascades,” said Franz, who leads the Department of Natural Resources.

“As we continue to improve our wildfire response and make our forests more resilient to climate change, we must also ensure the forests that provide clean air and water, fish and wildlife habitat, and housing and jobs are not lost to concrete. We must keep Washington evergreen.”

Originally published as “DNR’s ‘Keep Washington Evergreen’ Initiative” in the January-February 2022 issue.

Keep Washington Evergreen // Courtesy DNR online fact sheet for SB 5633/HB 1895.

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