Little Rippers of the Inland NW

Every time I’m on the mountain, witnessing the next generation of skiers and snowboarders tearing it up, I feel hopeful and excited for the future. These kids—thanks to their parents, instructors, and coaches—are daring, brave, and strong, from the bunny hill toddler snowplowing S-turns to the pre-teen blazing down a black diamond. Here are four local rippers, ages 12 and younger, to look for this season at their local Ski the NW Rockies association affiliated ski resorts. (Personal disclosure: One is my son.)

Oliver (Ollie) Peck: age 5, skier at 49˚ North

Oliver Peck showing his wedge stance. // Photo: Nate Peck

Landon McCaffree: age 10, skier at Mt. Spokane

Landon McCaffree sending it. // Photo: Judd McCaffree

Kendal Brumet: age 11, skier at Lookout Pass

Kendal Brumet racing at Lookout Pass. // Photo: Matt Sawyer

Libby Collins: age 12, skier at Silver Mountain

Libby Collins racing at Silver Mountain. // Photo courtesy Jessica Crosten.

Family Winter Sports Guide sponsored by Ski the Northwest Rockies association.

Amy McCaffree has been a freelance writer for Out There since 2006, and is Out There Kids columnist and special section editor. She started skiing in 9th grade, taking lessons with her junior high Ski Club at Ski Acres at Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Mountains. Since winter 2003-04, she has been a season pass skier at Mt. Spokane.

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