Little Ripper: Kendal Brumet at Lookout Pass

  • Skier – Age: 11
  • Home mountain: Lookout Pass; dual-pass holder this season at Lookout and Silver Mountain.
  • Favorite runs at Lookout: Montana Face, Lucky Friday.
  • Learned to ski at age 2: Parents and one year of ski school.
  • Loves skiing because: “I’m adventurous and I love going fast down hills.”
  • Ski Buddies: Mom and Dad because “they always give me great tips.”
  • Ski Racing: Lookout Pass Ski Team member since age 6; coached by Tom Carter and her mom, Libby (Dad, Jamie, oversees course maintenance). “Slalom is my favorite because I get to hit the gates. I like going through tight turns. Going through a slalom course is like going through trees, and my coach Tom always says if you can dodge a gate you can dodge a tree.”
  • Free ski vs. racing: “I love to do both. When I’m racing, I have my heart set on racing. When free skiing, I love the powder and skiing through the trees, and like to free ski with my friends.
  • Greatest accomplishments so far: (1) Being chosen as a “forerunner” for a college race event, which means skiing the slalom course so officials can check gate placement; (2) Making it across the pond skim.
  • Other recreation: Volleyball, camping, and swimming.
  • Future ambition: “I’d like to race as long as I can. I’d love to race in the World Cup—if not, the local Northwest Cup. And maybe if I stopped liking it, I would go into coaching because I love kids and seeing them succeed in what they love to do.”
  • Ski advice: “Everybody crashes. You don’t have to be perfect at skiing, you only need to be the best you can be.”

Photos: (top) Lookout Pass Alpine Ski Race Team member Kendal Brumet on the slalom course. // Photo: Matt Sawyer, courtesy Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area; (bottom) Completing the Pond Skim; (right) Ready to race. // Photos courtesy Brumet family.

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