Fleet Feet Opens New Store

Come to Fleet Feet’s Grand Opening this Saturday, Feb 10, for drinks, prizes, and discount coffee.

If you haven’t already heard, Spokane’s Fleet Feet Sports is opening a new store, located in Kendall Yards. There are several reasons this merits celebration—a bigger space means greater gear options; there’s quick access to the Centennial Trail; and, for those looking for a pre-run pickup, the new store shares space with local coffee shop Indaba Coffee.

The Grand Opening celebration will take place this Saturday, February 10. They’ll kick things off, of course, with a community run, free and open to all. Hosted by Fleet Feet’s training group Winter Warriors, the “Fleet Feet” themed run will start at 9:00 a.m. from the new store location. Wear a Fleet Feet hat or shirt to celebrate!

Inside the new store, there will be prizes such as socks and shoes raffled off throughout the day. There will be light snacks and adult beverages provided, as well as a 50-percent discount on clearance and winter apparel.

Fleet Feet's new storefront with Indaba Coffee counter in background (Photo: Fleet Feet Sports Spokane)
Fleet Feet’s new storefront with Indaba Coffee counter in background (Photo: Fleet Feet Sports Spokane)

“We feel that with our bigger space we can offer a broader selection of things,” says Fleet Feet Spokane’s co-owner Julie Pannell. “We brought in Patagonia as a vendor, so having the space to provide that outdoor crossover lifestyle and technical gear for people is great.”

At the Grand Opening, there will also be 50-percent off all drinks at the attached Indaba coffee store. Around 4:30 p.m., Fleet Feet will say some brief words on their new opening.

Pannell hopes the new location will allow them to draw more people into the running and fitness community in Spokane.

“Our motivation is just to get people out and moving,” says Pannell. “The more people we can impact with this area are more people we can reach, people who are walking by to pizza and think, oh, hey, what’s this store?”

The close access to the Centennial Trail is a bonus for Fleet Feet’s variety of training groups, where folks can meet at the store for group training runs. Read more about Fleet Feet’s Winter Warriors training group in this OTO article, and check out the Fleet Feet website for information on spring training groups that will be starting in the next few weeks.

See you Saturday!

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