Women’s Trail Running Retreat, Sept. 24-26, 2021

Run Into the Wild is a 3-day trail running retreat for women in central Washington organized by Basecamp Cascadia. Teaming up with all-female farmers, athletes, and instructors, this retreat aims to connect, empower, and inspire women through a holistic approach to trail running.

Retreat dates are September 24-26, 2021, and includes a workshop to develop your skills as a trail runner and prevent injury, nourishing meals from locally grown food, yoga to re-center and refocus, and the opportunity to build community with fellow female runners and give back to the land through fireside chats and community science.

To learn more and sign-up, visit basecampcascadia.org/runintothewild.

An Adult Woman Running With Two Dogs On Top Of A Mountain Overlooking The Pend Oreille River In Sandpoint, Idaho
Gold Hill Trail #3 // Photo: Woods Wheatcroft

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