Tips for Hosting An Outdoor Party When It’s Cold

By Alana Livingston

Hosting an outdoor party when it’s still pretty cold outside should definitely be on your to-do list! Seriously. It really isn’t as difficult (or cold) as it seems and you don’t have to have outdoor heaters to make people comfortable (but, if you have them, even better).

To make party goers comfortable, drape seats with blankets and pillows and pass out hand and feet warmers as party favors, if you have the means. A fire pit makes a wonderful centerpiece. There are several types of LED candles that add a magical touch—especially placed in the snow, if still on the ground.

As for food and drinks, think about the thermos. Today’s thermoses far outreach the days of soup and coffee. Many brands such as Stanley, Hydro Flask, and Yeti have large and extra-large openings to fill with your favorite party foods.

Soup is great, but what about curry, pulled pork, or pasta? Other thermoses can hold your pre-mixed cocktails, warm mulled wine or whatever delicious libations you choose.

Lastly, don’t forget the music. Music is readily available on just about every device these days and there are even bluetooth speaker string lights.

Now, bundle up, send out those invitations, and start planning your early spring party. It will definitely be the highlight of the season.

Tip for hosting an outdoor party: have a fire as a centerpiece. // Photos: Shallan Knowles.

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