Take the Spokane Nordic Challenge (March 8)

Long-distance ski even in Mead, Wash.

The Spokane Nordic Challenge Loppet on March 8 is more than just a long-distance ski event; it’s a season-long training goal, a celebration of the Nordic skiing community, and a farewell to winter. And it all takes place on the some of the longest, most picturesque rolling cross-country ski trails in the Pacific Northwest. Participants can choose from 20, 30 or 50K distances which are all more than long enough to keep your heart pumping. If you’re wondering what a Loppet is, it’s a competitive or non-competitive long ski event, which sums up the spirit of the Challenge. Some hit it hard, some take it easy. All have a good time. Sign up at Spokanenordic.org/challenge-loppet while early lower prices are still in place. Then recruit a friend and start training. 

Athletes can focus their cross training toward the long-distance Spokane Nordic Challenge in March. // Photo: Berne Jackson

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