Tailgater Tire Table

To celebrate our countries independence, my wife and I took a four-day back-road trip across Northeast Washington and North Idaho. We left the two-year-old at home with the grandparents and crammed the dog and all our camping gear and bikes into and on top of the Toyota truck, using every spare inch of cargo room. We were lucky to have just enough spare room for a cool new product that was perfect for the type of backcountry car-camping adventure we were headed out on. The Tailgater Tire Table, which attaches to one of your vehicle’s tires, is a 29 inch by 23 inch table that provides extra space that is especially in demand at primitive, dispersed camp sites. When not in use, the Tailgater folds up flat and compact for easy transport, weighing in at 13 pounds. Made of sturdy steel tubing, the table has an expanded metal tabletop that is great for cooking or keeping other camp goods off of the ground. The Tailgater uses square metal tubing with adjustable wing nuts to clamp onto any size tire, with one leg in the front for support. It is easy to level and very sturdy. I used it to support our cook stove and a full five gallon water jug. Setup takes only a minute and is great for when you need just a little more space to keep things off the ground and out of the mud and dirt. // (Kyle Merritt)

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