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Buti Yoga

Go ahead, judge. We do shake our booty, often in minimal clothing, and the founder is a lean blonde celebrity trainer named Bizzy Gold. Obviously not real yoga. Obviously shallow. This is why the meaning of Buti, the hidden cure, is so apropos. It exemplifies the current zeitgeist of shedding preconceived ideas and belief systems. […]

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Five Beginner Yoga Poses for Runners

Over the past few years I’ve vacillated between running and climbing, but I always seem to hit a plateau that prevents me from making gains in either sport. I’ve watched my friends improve their flexibility and strength by incorporating yoga into their training routines. The benefits to yoga are numerous and include reduced stress, increased

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Benefit For Ally

This is a great day for America–another peaceful transition of power, this time to America’s first African American Commander-in-Chief. In the spirit of President Obama’s national call to service we are happy to make you aware of this fundraiser for a much beloved local yoga teacher who is working hard to recover from breast cancer:

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