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Two people doing yoga meditation.

Way Out There: Extreme Enlightenment

For most of us, modern life doesn’t afford the same hardships it used to. Instead of toil and pain, we face anxiety, depression, and addiction—the ills of a distracted, disconnected, overly stimulated population. Sometimes the antidote to these maladies is choosing the right hardship, such as Vipassana meditation.

Photo of a group of people in a circle with arms raised.

Buti Yoga

Go ahead, judge. We do shake our booty, often in minimal clothing, and the founder is a lean blonde celebrity trainer named Bizzy Gold. Obviously not real yoga. Obviously shallow. This is why the meaning of Buti, the hidden cure, is so apropos. It exemplifies the current zeitgeist of shedding preconceived ideas and belief systems. …

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photo of 3 mushrooms growing up through the grass.

Shaggy Parasols

The color blue isn’t in the Bible. Research suggests we didn’t recognize it as a color back then. I believe the world is filled with elements that are self-evident but unseen until something triggers our awareness. This is how I feel about shaggy parasols, a large, omnipresent, and delicious mushroom growing wild and vigorously in …

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Photo of Boletus Rex-Verus mushroom.

Spring Kings Porcini Mushrooms

I normally feature lesser-known species here in Leaf Root Fungi Fruit. However, there is a mushroom whose awesomeness is so unquestionable, that in spite of being well-known, it’s a poignant example of underappreciated forest treasure. Assuming the rains have continued sporadically this season, the venerable spring kings are arising. Kings refer to king boletes, the …

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Photo by Drew_Parker.

Fairy Clubs

Gnomes and fairies live near mushrooms. If you want to find the little people, patches of fairy clubs are your first stop. An essential part of the October fungal explosion, they are often overlooked in spite of littering the ground in camouflaged troops sometimes in the thousands, like exclamation points in the carpet of moss. …

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Photo of inky caps by Leah Bendlin.

Inky Caps

Instead of releasing spores into the wind to be carried off in endless raining of zygotes upon the planet surface, inky caps produce an enzyme that eats their bodies. The resulting black slime gets washed away in the next rain. They digest themselves to reproduce. Or, if humans intercept during the short window between eruption …

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