A kid biking along a lake trail.

Trail Etiquette

Some of us have been struggling more than others with social distancing in the outdoors. Like that group walking side-by-side down the middle of the Centennial Trail that seem insulted by the ring of a bike bell or “on your left” shout out. Or the runner who passes so close on a wide trail that his panting thunders in your ears and the smell of laundry detergent or cologne lingers unnervingly long. And how about the cyclist who blows by you on …

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Person running on a forest trail.

SPOvid-19 Local Adventure: Yeti Ultra 24-Hour Challenge

By Chris Cindric To help you make the most of your outdoor time and keep things fresh during the pandemic, the faculty of Eastern Washington University’s Recreation and Leisure Services Program in partnership with Out There Outdoors has created the SPOvid-19 Local Adventure Series. Episode 3 – Yeti Ultra 24-Hour Challenge One sunny morning on what was …

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A close-up of a yellow buttercup flower.

Our Love Measured in Six Feet

If we are feeling excluded, or as though we’ve been marked with a scarlet letter, let’s reframe our thoughts and support each other in these efforts. They are ultimately born, not of fear, but of the best intentions to keep each other safe. When this all passes, we’ll be invited to Pictionary Night again.

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