Adventuring with Kids

Portrait of family with Geocache find.

10 Spring Break Staycations in the Inland Northwest

Staying home this spring break? Keep kids physically active with local outdoor adventures—some can even be educational. Here are 10 ideas, either free or low-cost, for planning your spring staycation. Cat Tales Zoological Park & Wildlife Center: As close to a zoo as we get in the Inland Northwest, Cat Tales is a non-profit organization […]

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Photo of carriage down the main street of Leavenworth with lighted shops.

10 Ways to Make the Holiday Season Magical

With silent, moonlit nights, sparkly snow crystals, snowflakes that stick to your nose and eyelashes, nature’s beauty inspires wonder, awe, surprise, delight, nostalgia, and love. During this month’s countdown to the holidays, take time to experience both little and spectacular moments of winter magic. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Partake in the famous

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Photo of hikers on single track hiking trail on foggy mountain side.

Navigating the Backcountry with Kids

 Beaver fever, iodine tablets, “Cathole” digging, bear-proof containers—these are just a few aspects of backcountry adventuring, where you can enjoy exceptional landscape beauty and natural serenity with your children. To better understand how to start planning, here are some ideas and recommendations. Begin with a “backcountry lite” experience, or seeking out enough primitive wilderness without

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Photo of kids playing by Amy Silbernagel McCaffree.

Fresh Air Parenting

Fresh-Air Parenting, coined by outdoor writer Katie Arnold in a May 2015 “Outside Magazine” article, asserts that “Letting [children] embrace freedom involves a fair amount of hovering,” and lies along the spectrum between helicopter parenting and free-range parenting. Fresh-air parenting wavers in the middle of these two extremes – somewhat free-range but hovering as needed

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