Summertime is for Gourmet S’mores

Carol Corbin

Summer isn’t summer without the quintessential s’more. But this year, it’s time to step up our collective hipster game on this age-old classic. Enter the gourmet s’more! Exhaustive research (talking to some outdoorsy people I know) tells me that the ‘mallow is the indispensable ingredient, but everything else is open to interpretation and creativity. So, without further ado, here are some suggestions for summer’s perfect desert, campfire style.

Chocolate Decadence


Chocolate graham crackers

Dark chocolate “melties”

Maraschino cherries



Arrange four melties on a graham cracker base. Toast the marshmallow to gooey, brown, and crispy perfection. Immediately place mallow on melties (to melt them). Place three to four cherries in the gooey marshmallow center. Top with a second graham cracker and enjoy!

Tropical Paradise


Dried kiwi

Toasted coconut flakes

Fresh pineapple

Graham crackers



Place kiwi on graham cracker base. Roast marshmallow and pineapple slice over the fire until golden and lightly smoked. Place ‘mallow atop kiwi and insert desired amount of coconut flakes. Smoosh (technical s’mores terminology) the roasted pineapple into the ‘mallow center and top with second cracker. Keep a napkin close for leaking pineapple juice.

Caramel Comfort


Homemade chocolate chip cookies

2-3 caramels


Pink Himalayan rock salt


Unwrap and flatten caramels atop a cookie. Carefully roast marshmallow until golden. Place ‘mallow atop caramel. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Top with second cookie. Wait a minute or two while the mallow melts the caramel and the chips in the cookie. Savor!

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