Summer Bot Bike Water Bottle Cooler

The makers of Bar Mitts neoprene handlebar mitts that keep your hands amazingly warm in cold, windy conditions while biking or pushing a stroller have come up with another cool product. This time it’s a neoprene case for the water bottle on your bike. Just unzip the Summer Bot, which you attach to your bike water bottle mounting system, and enjoy the beverage of your choice at a much cooler temperature than if it was left all alone to soak up the heat from the blazing summer sun. The Summer Bot, which fits bottles up to 20 oz., comes ready to mount with a built in water bottle holder, hardware, and bolts sticking out of the neoprene. Planning a bike trip on the Idaho Hot Springs Loop, the Continental Divide Route, a closer-to-home bike packing trip, or even a ride to your neighborhood pub? Pick one of these light, insulating bottle enclosures up and rejoice with refreshing cold water for several hours when the days on the trail or road get hot. MSRP: $29.95. //

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