New App Aids in Exploration of Northeast Washington

If you like to hike, bike, camp, fish, float, boat or hunt the uncrowded trails, forests, lakes and rivers of the three Northeast Washington counties, the brand-new Northeast Washington Insider app is a wayfinding tool that provides a map of the region with details about different destinations, attractions, and local businesses. The app also rewards users the more sites they check out. The Tri County Economic Development District launched the free app that encourages users to visit new places by offering points that can be redeemed for goods or services at local businesses.

The app’s Explore button takes users to a map of the tri-county area which has pins indicating destinations around the region. Clicking on each pin on the map gives more information about that place. Locations are assigned a point value which can be collected when one is within GPS range of a location. Pushing the “Collect Points” button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to a user’s point total. Most point collection locations are worth ten points. Points accumulated with Northeast Washington Insider can be redeemed for goods or services at locations listed in the app. For instance, redeeming 100 points (collected by simply visiting 10 places), users of the app can earn a 15 percent discount off their purchase at the ChewVino wine bar in Chewelah, Wash. Northeast Washington Insider is available now as a free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. //

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