Provisions: Dry Fly’s Grey-Hound Canned Cocktail

Traditionally, a greyhound cocktail is made with just two ingredients, grapefruit juice and gin or vodka. According to internet lore, back in 1945, the greyhound grew in popularity because it was a popular cocktail at Greyhound Bus terminals. Alas, we may never know who made the first greyhound, but we can definitely share with you a locally-produced perfection of this drink.

Dry Fly gin will always be a Northwest favorite because it features a blend of botanicals like apple, coriander, mint, hops, and lavender that give it a distinctive flavor. When paired with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and poured over ice, it’s heavenly. If you find other blended cocktails too sweet or sour, the Dry Fly Grey-Hound “On The Fly” canned cocktail is a perfect balance between the two.

Each can is 4.8% ABV, and the citrus flavor is fairly muted. Just like other Dry Fly canned cocktail flavors, the Grey-Hound is ideal for pretty much any outdoor adventure. Mix and match your cooler with Dry Fly’s other genius canned-cocktail flavors on your next outing.

The Gin & Tonic features the distillery’s award-winning Washington gin, craft tonic syrup from Side Hustle Syrups, and house made bitters. The Moscow Mule features Dry Fly vodka, craft ginger syrup from Side Hustle Syrups, and lime juice that has a truly refreshing taste.

Dry Fly Grey-Hound “On The Fly” canned cocktail -- light maroon colored aluminum can with white and blue graphics and text.
Dry Fly Grey-Hound “On The Fly” canned cocktail.

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