Outdoor Research Extravert Gloves

I admit, I chose extended snoring instead of skiing on those plentiful single digit, freezing arse colds this season, but that still left plenty of frosty lift-served and backcountry days sporting my Extravert gloves to give them a satisfactory whirl and eventual two warm thumbs up. I’ve worn through several different pairs of OR gloves over the years, but the water-resistant, wool-blend insulated Extraverts struck the best balance of warmth and freedom of movement that kept my cold-prone fingers from freezing on the lift or sweating on the skin track. Even after enduring my pawing at the way too sticky side of my ancient climbing skins (a custom glue job that literally peeled apart my last poor pair of ski gloves), the wrapped leather palms not only held up but look almost brand new despite the abuse. I also wore them on winter bike rides on several occasions, and even with the cold wind on my handlebars, my digits were toasty. They’re an all-around, winter and early spring workhorse of a glove made for everything from skiing, hiking, to biking in cold, dry temps and well worth the $65 price tag. outdoorresearch.com/en/mens-extravert-gloves.//

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