Outdoor Dog Photo Contest Winners – 2022

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to our 2022 Outdoor Dog Photo Contest, presented by Out There Outdoors and this year’s contest sponsor Malted Mutt.

Winners were chosen for 6 photo categories: Best in Show, Tail on the Trail, Hound in Action, On Leash, Water Dog, and Best with Owner. Prize: Malted Mutt $50 Prize Pack with Malted Mutt treats, poo bags, and a dog toy.

About this year’s sponsor Malted Mutt: Malted Mutt creates hand-crafted dog treats made from repurposed spent brewing grain sourced from Spokane-area craft breweries. They simply add human-grade ingredients to ever treat. These hand-crafted treats are grain-free, soft-baked, contain NO artificial ingredients or preservatives, and NO hops or alcohol. Find Malted Mutt at Spokane-area Farmers’ Markets and products sold at local pet stores and online.

Best in Show

Black dog with white belly patch, wearing a doggy bandana, sitting and looing up at the camera. In the background is a forest of Ponderosa pine trees and immediately behind the dog is a patch wildflowers, colored purple, red, and yellow.
Best in Show: “You Belong Among the Wildflowers” // Photo: Phil Dennis

Tail on the Trail

View of a dog with light brown and cream colored fur, wagging a big floofy tail, as the dog walks down a narrow dirt trail surrounded by yellow arrowleaf balsamroot flowers.
Tail on the Trail: “Flowers & Floof” // Photo: Krissy Woolway

Hound in Action

Man snowshowing on Mt. Spokane smiling at the camera and holding a leash to a dog, a medium-sized black and white shepherd dog wearing an orange pack. Man and dog are in a snow clearing, with sun and partly-cloudy blue sky above, with snow-covered trees in the distance.
Hound in Action: “Made It To the Sunshine – Mt. Spokane” // Photo: Liz Dudenhoft

On Leash

A small dog with black and white fur and squished nose like a pug is standing on a rock atop on a mountain side, looking sideways from the camera, while wearing a hiking harness and leash.
On Leash: “Check Out the View From Up Here!” // Photo: Dustin Irons

Water Dog

Dog with light-brown fur wearing a blue and black life jacket, laying down on the front of an inflatable kayak or raft while floating on the Spokane River. Dog is looking off to the side. In the background are deciduous trees and bushes, blue sky with some clouds, and flat water of the river.
Water Dog: “Spokane River Leisure Pup” // Photo: Bethany Medina

Best With Owner

Dog with black fur licking the owner's face along a snowy mountain forest trail. Owner is wearing a bike helmet, and in the background is a fat bike.
Best With Owner: “Thanks for the Pawesome Adventure” // Photo: Sue Niezgoda

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